About Us

A History of Making Comfort Work For You

In 1892, Milton and Sigmund Florsheim started making shoes that combined style and comfort that no one had before. From their small factory in Chicago, they changed what people expected from the shoes and boots they wear to work.

Over 110 years later, those founding principles are still alive throughout the company and in Florsheim Work, building safety footwear that doesn’t look or feel like safety footwear.

Environmental Strategy

Our Business model involves the selection of business partners who actively participate in the reduction of any detrimental effects on the environment in their manufacturing process.

Responsible business practices should come as second nature. Environmental compliance with laws and regulations protecting the environment is paramount and begins within our own organization. Our ongoing process of sustainability requires us to implement solutions encouraging long term sustainability by creating innovative strategies for waste reduction, water conservation and energy savings. Our company and our business partners utilize energy efficient utilities, production methods which are eco-friendly and we recycle significant portions of the waste we create.